2016/04/26 update
Free public wireless LAN (Free Wi-Fi) is available in passage of ESCA

◎Available area
ESCA passage
※At place that electric wave is hard to be transmitted through in service area, we cannot communicate, and transmission rate may decrease.

◎[SSID: esca_wi-fi] We are similar and are available.

2015/11/01 update
At ESCA parking lot, we came to be able to use manaca

At ESCA parking lot, manaca came to be available from November 1.

2015/04/06 update
At ESCA parking lot, the electric car charge stands were established

Rapid (CHAdeMO) one
Two normal 200V

Charge service is available by price plan that NCS combination company charge service in Japan provides.
The following logo mark is available by displayed member card. In addition, it is available by use of visitor whom NCS provides (the credit settlement) when you do not have member card.

NCS Japan charge service

◆Setting place B roadway - B19 compartment (we know a lot)
2011/04/01 update
When we use Edy in ESCA
Mile of ANA is double!

Edy mile positive start!
Per shopping 200 yen in Edy
We usually save 1 mile of notokoro 2 miles.