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2018/11/28 update
Dipper Dan
We open on Friday, December 7

Crepe to bake every excellent order offers assortment of goods which variety is rich in, tapioca drink of sticky texture and cold soft serve from dessert pro-thing that topping did fresh fruit, ice to pro-meal thing using ingredients such as sausage.

[open sale]
12/7 Friday, 8 Saturday, 9 Sunday → All crepe article 330 yen (tax-included)

2018/11/15 update
Delicious cafe Saint Moritz of coffee and sweets
We open on Saturday, November 24

"Delicious cafe Saint Moritz of coffee and sweets" to be able to enjoy with Columbian specialty coffee which Aoyama, Tokyo Rojas beans send cream puff of Saint Moritz which continues being loved in Nagoya more than 50 years, traditional well-established taste to is opening on Saturday, November 24!

2018/09/21 update
MUJI com
We open on Friday, October 5

When I want Muji to always use, MUJI com to be able to buy quickly opens on Friday, October 5!

2018/07/17 update
It is reopened on Friday, July 20

CAFE de CRIE was reopened on Friday, July 20.