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2018/10/05 update
Asics walking
Information for best recommended shoes

・PEDALA wellness series
We make stability at the time of walk refined design which is easy to usually perform errand  We add functionality such as "navigation sole". It is longer and supports every day of woman who wants to enjoy walking more happily more distantly.

・Orchid walk 2018AW 
Motive power and comfort more for business. Leather shoes "orchid walk" to be able to run. Even business shoes utilize technology that Asics cultivated in sports shoes.

2018/09/21 update
MUJI com
We open on Friday, October 5

When I want Muji to always use, MUJI com to be able to buy quickly opens on Friday, October 5!

2018/07/17 update
It is reopened on Friday, July 20

CAFE de CRIE was reopened on Friday, July 20.