No.13QB house
Shampoo blow shaving to perform in general salon does not include in service and is haircut specialty store specialized "only in cut". Cut rate is 1,080 yen (tax-included). In addition, customer 65 years or older weekdays 1,000 yen (tax-included).
No. 14 kurabuuinazu
It is full of goods and wears in conjunction with lace category of the world's highest mountain including F1, MotoGP, Le mans. We have abundant monster ENERGIE Collection of HOONIGAN brand which Ken block attracting racetracker who remodeled stock car including gymkhana founded. Very rare rare items gather from foreign countries in Japan!
No.30MUJI com
We have number item and much-talked-about product to well use from lineup that there is to be able to do shopping from cosmetics in usual ways back such as food, commuting attending school including wear. You can drop in immediately and can buy quickly. We support your every day quietly.
No. 32 Esca Dental Clinic
Medical treatment is orthodontic clinic, cosmetic dentistry, whitening, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, preventive dentistry, general dentistry. It is convenient for one that is busy on weekdays on Sunday as we give medical care. Petit correction must see it with low charge briefly during period.
While specialist in insurance confirms the situation of each customer, we think about how to choose your insurance that matched, the review way of security together. Handle approximately 35 insurance products to life insurance, insurance against loss insurance, the consultation results more than 900,000 totals! Consultation is free again and again. Offer agency: HOKEN NO MADOGUCHI group
No. 34 Heart Up Nagoya ESCA (contact lens & glasses)
There is very attractive member introduction system. When use Heart Up by introduction of member for the first time, anything and 30%OFF! After family, friend invitation, please come to the store. Furthermore, there is luxurious privilege when introduced. (in detail to store)
No. 35 ESCA eye clinic
Of general practice, besides, issue prescription of contact lens and glasses. It becomes medical examination only for water, Saturday and Sunday.
No. 44 Kanazawa Jiyomongama Suppondo (art object charcoal, health food)
How about collagen every softshell turtle-maru and dark nutrition in everyday spirit and reward to skin? Of use of medicinal herb softshell turtle "cooked soft-shelled turtle jells", and ya "softshell turtle soup" is very popular with visit and presents.
No. 46 Bus tour counter
Counter for exclusive use of tour bus installed in ESCA as meeting place of various tours from the Nagoya Station west exit. It is available at the time of bad weather in peace. Signboard of each tour is posted on meeting. Please accept after checking tour name of participation.
No. 55 Matsumoto Kiyoshi
We have product about beauty and health of local all of you and aim at family drugstore. Including "matsukiyo (pine Kiyo) of self-developed PB product," we offer bargain product with value. As for very popular LINE coupon, pine Kiyo application, a lot of bargains except product including advantageous reward card which the points collect so as to use if we use!
No. 56 ticket vending machine chikettoigami
In underground shopping center Nara that is the nearest from wicket of the Shinkansen. Even if the departure time of the Shinkansen which we want to get on approaches, we can purchase with vending machine speedily. Besides, because is sales people until 22:00; nice. We sell Meitetsu, Kintetsu trains elsewhere.
No. 57 foot therapy Building No. 1 (reception desk)
Taiwanese style foot pot hygiene of Nagoya origin foot therapy that is famous for acute pain. Himekawa medical care kassadeokonau foot pot technology from 30 minutes course. Shop which footbathing of Chinese medicine is hygiene side that there is, but is reliable.
No. 58 ticket, stamp, old coin Ikami stamp company
We perform purchase, sale of a great variety of cash vouchers so that there is customer surprised at for assortment of goods. In addition to ticket, gift certificate, Yurika, movie ticket, baseball watching games ticket, as for the collector's item including stamp and old coin. We can do it until exchange of foreign currency.
No. 59 TEMOMIN (relaxation space)
In certain technique that poured feelings and passion, we heal fatigue of modern people from conditioning of top athlete. As we put together at degree and time including ten minutes course, and body care is received, please drop in between work and shopping casually.
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank ATM corner
Business that the handling is available for, various fees vary according to time of the use. For more details, please confirm Mitsubishi UFJ Bank homepage.
No.60Dr. stretch
Original technique of the professional sweat shirt supervision that there is "core Balance stretch" to approach core part, depths sinew of muscle only for Dr. stretch. Originally we arranged technique used for professional athlete for the public. At first, from experience of 15 minutes, please taste refreshment of shoulder, waist, foot.
No. 61 station rent-a-car Nagoya Office
It is the first from Nagoya Station Shinkansen wicket It is in near, convenient ESCA It is shop of station rent-a-car. Please use for business and trip.
No.62Raffine (refresh salon)
It is refresh salon having you heal work return, trip and everyday fatigue by reflexology, hand reflexology, body care, face therapy. In space of healing that imaged southern France Province, please untie mind and body relaxedly.
No.73atelier haruka PLUS EYELASH
New business condition in atelier spring with cosmetics, hair care product which professional artist chose is the first branch! We help everyday beauty including eyebrows cut which is available by hair set for wedding ceremony and party and everyday care!
No.74NAIL FACTORY (nail salon)
Fixed amount, flat rate system. Gel nail can enjoy design you like with selectable art course from 1 KOLOR, simple base course having you choose among gradation, sample in shop!
No.75TSUTAYA book
TSUTAYA of magazine, book comes up in ESCA! New book, topic book, ranking performs assortment of goods and provides time and space where you can taste pleasure to choose book as. As you meet Quick needs, please use casually.
No. 76 foot therapy Building No. 2 (for exclusive use of woman)
Nice complete private room type for exclusive use of female guests. We provide traditional beauty technology including Chinese medicine treatment and bone mind care in Korea of Asia. Different space affecting the five senses spreads out.
QB house
MUJI com
ESCA dentistry
・Orthodontic clinic
Heart Up Nagoya ESCA
(contact lens & glasses)
Eye clinic
Kanazawa Jiyomongama Suppondo
(art object charcoal, health food)
Bus tour counter
Matsumoto Kiyoshi
Ticket vending machine
Ticket, stamp, old coin
Ikami stamp company
Foot therapy
Building No. 1 (reception desk)
(relaxation space)
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
ATM corner
Dr. stretch
Station rent-a-car
Nagoya Office
(refresh salon)
atelier haruka
(nail salon)
Foot therapy
Building No. 2 (for exclusive use of woman)