No. 04 ancestor meifutsu Tenmusu
Senju Honten
Secret prawns tempura, rice which was cooked if person grain person grain was fluffy and seaweed. Continue with material that was selected all carefully; half a century. Please thoroughly enjoy taste that you do not change at all and continued keeping, ancestor "meifutsu" Tenmusu. In addition, as for new product of I haven't seen you in a long time in the history of the founding 270 remainder year, "the divine felicity pancake stuffed with bean jam," souvenir is most suitable for gift.
A lot of products that Waku Waku only by FUJIYA including Milky sweets was clogged up in cake which illustration of Peko had a cute and kind-rich cake! Gift which is pleased with for souvenir is fulfilling, and have pleasure to hesitate about.
No. 25 nagomya
Including local famous confection, it is pleasant shop selling many Nagoya souvenirs full of individuality including train goods and Grampus goods Dragons goods of extreme popularity.
No. 47 Nagoya Miyagedokoro
The shop where representative souvenirs of Nagoya form a line in a row. As Kishimen, wing, pickle, Uiro, well-established taste including Japanese confectionery gather in a row, we can choose souvenir pleased with regardless of any people regardless of age or sex. Please take delicious taste only in Nagoya home with you.
No. 49 Ryoguchiya Korekiyo
The founding 380 rest of life, classic well-established Japanese confectionery restaurant. Japanese confectioneries of refined taste that has been loved for a long time in Nagoya including "ochikochi" and "Sennari" form a line in store. At sweetness corner of shop juxtaposition, you can enjoy sweetness to change every season including Matcha and zenzai.
No. 50 Aoyagi Uirou
Taste that is lively while it is said that it is sticky. Plain, refined taste is nice, It is basic cake of Nagoya souvenir. Besides, Japanese confectionery to be able to have easily including "frog steamed bun" which is popular "Kishimen pie" only in Nagoya and cute form is prepared.
No. 66 miso stew udon
Yamamotoya Honten・Kiosk
Set of noodles, taste miso, bonito soup stock which can taste miso stew udon of full-scale Yamamotoya Honten at home is stand to line up in store. As they can purchase from one meal, and not only life but also freezing, half life noodles, Inui noodles which storable duration makes are prepared for, it is most suitable for souvenir. We can thoroughly enjoy authentic taste to the full.
No. 67 YAMASA Chikuwa
Tubular fish meat of Yamasa which is made without regretting using fresh raw fish to raw materials in trouble time. It gives life to feelings from the beginning of founding to genuine taste not to change in sorting of materials, kneading on fire condition, each doneness. Size that it is easy to eat in small size has abundant popular bean tubular fish meat, traditional specially made tubular fish meat and kinds.
No. 71 Yamatoya Moriguchizuke Souhonke
Thickness length moriguchizuke together made specially in Nagoya that pickled Moriguchi radish of contract farmhouse which met standard slowly and carefully. We judge various situation including trip and temperature difference to soak and are deep taste not to be able to create without expert craftsmanship to soak, and to repeat spare work. It is pleased as mascot.
From basic souvenir such as "Akafuku" "connection", popular Nagoya meal and Nagoya-limited cake, goods, wide souvenir including special product of Tokai district are prepared.
Ancestor meifutsu Tenmusu
Senju Honten
(nagoya charm dispatch shop)
Nagoya Miyagedokoro
Ryoguchiya Korekiyo
Aoyagi Uirou
Miso stew udon
Yamamotoya Honten・Kiosk
YAMASA Chikuwa
Moriguchizuke originator