Deep-fried No. 02 ancestor wing FuRaiBo
The surface is the spy sea, discerning taste that deep-fried juicy wing was born in FuRaiBo from sauce to recipe if we chew lightly. Menu to feel "season" is rich and, from delicious, healthy chicken dishes to seafood, is satisfied as restaurant.
No. 03 tuna dishes Magurogoya Honten
Store specializing in tuna dishes. We convey taste of tuna by sashimi, sparerib, helmet, cheeks, abre-nado, various recipes. It is specialty store naradeha to be able to enjoy rare parts such as head meat not to be able to readily usually come across. Many menus that taste was condensed while being healthy by all means.
No. 05 Japanese dishes Yoshikawa
Branch of restaurant "Yoshikawa" of Kakuozan. Is healthy; nutrition and invigoration, boiled barley covered with grated yam set meal of immunity up. You put together in preference if with ohajime with specialty of Nagoya miso katsu, seasonal grilled fish, boiled fish, sashimi, and please thoroughly enjoy. We have a lot of single dishes of chef recommendation as snacks of night liquor!
No. 06 seafood sweet sake pickling vegetables or fish in sake lees Suzunami
Deep taste that traditional sweet sake pickling vegetables or fish in sake lees using sweet sake sake lees condensed taste of seafood. As for the rice, as for Koshihikari, the pickle from Niigata, set meal which was particular about moriguchizuke of "Yamatoya", black soybean and all of Tanba is exquisite. We sell delicacies of various seafood sweet sake pickling vegetables or fish in sake lees and Umiyama as souvenir.
No. 16 CAFE de CRIE
We can enjoy coffee of mellow flavor that was particular about atmosphere and blend of Europeanness cafe. It is advantageous when we do sandwich including "airy egg sand" which scrambled eggs fully entered to set! Seasonal drink menu is one of the pleasure, too.
No. 17 Chinese food kitchen Sugakiya
Sugakiya of new version that Chinese menus such as fried rice, Tianjin meal, Chinese chive leva saute, mapo tofu can enjoy as well as traditional taste Sugakiya ramen. Liquor only for one cup offers advantageous lunch menu and set meal a little, too. We wait for visit of all of you by all means.
No. 18 deep-fried skewers Chingushi
Human touch the shop of lateral square-U-shaped counter which there is. The secret that feelings to change sweetness of miso if cutlet is spicy as for the miso flavors such as miso pork fried on a skewer and miso katsu, dish simmered in embankment of popularity, and embankment is sweet do not let you get tired. It is tsu embankment cutlet set meal adds miso of dish simmered in such discerning embankment to cutlet and tofu, and to eat.
toko Yabufuku not to stop which is No. 19
Is born in Osu of Nagoya; and long-established store of 80 remainders year. We add idea, and craftsman handcrafts many rich noodles dishes to be able to taste only here in Nagoya and sends while keeping traditional taste. Taste to remain is discussed the rights and wrongs of by memory.
No. 20 Kishimen Yoshida
Originally Kishimen restaurant which began in noodle making place. Noodles which are made every day in company factory, Feelings to change the density of salt water and quantity to add water to by season. We are recommended to book of Asako Kishi of dish student, and Former Prime Minister Koizumi comes to the store and is shop of reputation for various fields celebrities.
No. 21 miso stew udon Yamamotoya Honten
Store specializing in miso stew udon which is indispensable if we talk about Nagoya meal. Miso soup stock which taste of bonito soup stock worked for to noodles with unique resistance to the teeth that craftsman hits only with wheat and fresh water which selected carefully and hometown dark-brown bean paste is habit-forming taste. As for the limited menus such as ingredients minutely seasonal other than Nagoya cochin and black pork.
No. 22 steak and roast curry FRANCE-TEI
It is THE western dishes of omurice to steak, hamburg, curry! With lunch, omurice runny light is popular sudden rise for woman. We put steak hamburg together in feeling of the day from abundant original sauce and can choose. In addition, as for greedy COMBI plate which put hamburg and steak and curry together.
Specialty of No. 23 Shinnagoya EBI DOTE Shokudo
Muscular "extra-large prawns furya ..." is outsize of 35 centimeters in length! Specialty dish that "prawns embankment" of specialty of Shinnagoya is secret embankment miso which stewed fried prawn gently and eats! We offer "large Futoshi Ebi rolled sushi" and "prawns and sand" for souvenir.
No. 26 McDonald's hamburger
"Big Mac" which used bans with elasticity and tender juicy beef Patti a good two pieces. In addition to accent of crunchy lettuce and pickles, Big Mac sauce is combined with creamy cheese and is one article of popularity that we eat taste, and enduring is big.
Person of No. 36 curry udon young killer whale
kareruu hatoromiga to make with Japanese-style soup stock which is full of flavors and original soup, secret curry powder picks quarrel with strongly very thick udon well. In addition, it is shop which a little curry Kishimen can eat in person of young killer whale. Please enjoy original curry udon by cheese, abundant topping including loin cutlet.
Store specializing in No. 37 pure line Nagoya cochins TORIKAI Sohonke
By oyakodon of gold medal receiving a prize selecting carefully only in good-quality fleshy substance in Nagoya cochin by bowl Grand Prix, and using three eggs; right "angrily light" ultimate one article. In addition, specialty Nagoya cochin wing of our restaurant pride that won the consecutively best gold medal for three years twines secret red wine-based sauce around large-sized wing and is sure to get what we are addicted to if we eat once.
No. 38 miso and Misokatsu Yabaton
Misokatsu Yabaton which began in Yabacho of Nagoya. As Nagoya meal representative so popular that there are always lines, we are loved now by many people. Feelings that meat is from South Kyushu, and bread crumbs mix life and drying, and oil does not change from founding those days in vegetable oil and 1947 called blend of lard are the secrets of popularity.
No. 39 cafe Rich
Pure cafe which spreads out after OPEN of ESCA. Fried prawn and hamburg, iron plate Neapolitan whom Atsu Atsu can enjoy to western dishes of royal road till the last such as curry and rice who inherited taste from generation to generation…. We can come across good old taste that is not spread in the fashion. Morning with boiled egg is nice.
No. 40WINE BAR Miami patio
We boil in arudente, Repertory of substantial wine, You are wide, and please enjoy relaxedly in shop of calm atmosphere. Menu variation-rich pasta and thin pizza to boil as well as wine in arudente, and to finish with handmade sauce are taste only in specialty store.
No. 41 restaurant Chusuke
"Double bowl" to have with container of rare form with a choice of two kinds favorite from bowl menus more than ten kinds. Miso katsu and gun-fire, tempura and fried prawn are combinations of popularity. Of course order in one piece of article is OK for person to want to eat favorite menu well, too. Single dish including wing is fulfilling, too.
No. 42 Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho charcoal
Representative Nagoya meal "Hitsumabushi" which rides spices such as green onion or wasabi, and has you sprinkle soup stock. Please enjoy very deluxe taste that you unusually bake using bincho charcoal slowly and carefully in underground shopping center and the outside is fragrant lightly and finished if the inside is fluffy by all means.
No. 43 restaurant Yufuku
We cover with specialty Hitsumabushi which we used eel for whole one of them and meat using domestic beef of new menu. It is taste deluxe both. Besides, as for jumbo fried prawn and miso katsu, Nagoya lunch which specialty of Nagoya can enjoy at a time, the rare whale dish.
No. 45 Komeda's Coffee
Special sweets which "shironowaru" where there was fully cold soft serve on in warm Danish is Komeda's Coffee and can eat. Drink and foods are substantial, too, and the shop always does well. It is representative shop of cafe culture of Nagoya.
Melonpan ice which is delicious to the second in No. 48 world hot from the oven
Though Kanazawa origin is hot, "it is cold" Under the person series that are habit-forming with mysterious texture! With impact of appearance and small taste when we ate, it is extreme popularity in each place. It is the melonpan ice boom arrival. Seasonally limited menu comes up one after another, too! Appreciate by all means!
Store specializing in Kishimen Kishimen Tei of No. 63 tradition
It is soup using soup stock of feelings to make Kishimen delicious. Of white soup Kansai-style red soup of Nagoya, besides, including stewed curry and miso, meat sauce use properly in total minutely. Novel is specialty store where taste of Kishimen appropriate for the name that writer, Bunroku Shishi who are famous for "daughter and me" named comes to.
No. 64 Ankake spa Ma Maison
October 20 reopening! Well-established Western-style restaurant Ma Maison challenges store specializing in first Nagoya meals! "Hamburg" of "Ankake spa" on behalf of Nagoya and Ma Maison is collaboration! Affinity of original "Ankake sauce" and "hamburg" is outstanding. The volume is plentiful and is full.
No. 65 sushi Hamazushi
Discount can enjoy sushi of the fresh material which we ordered from national fish ground. Have convey budget, and grasp in entrusting you; and "grip set" as for the high menu of satisfaction including "upper sushi" "lunch with chawanmushi." In addition, it is reputation if Matsumae sushi of mackerel for souvenir and upper rolling thickly are delicious.
No. 68 Nagoya cochin chosusumishorokukotei
Nagoya cochin is used by all dishes. Well, stewed miso which takes taste with Hidaka kelp of Hokkaido, and added body that we did plainly of cochin fowl Gara to soup stock which we took in dried bonito slowly and carefully is a word of good flavor. Dish simmered in roast, soup stock roll, "competition of cochin fowl including white meat salad for taste are recommended, too".
No. 69 bakery cafe Cascade
It is approximately 50 years since its formation. We assumed "handmade heart" motto and aimed at the making of shop which could be pleased with visitor. We offer repertory of a great variety of bread and, also, keep in mind to always provide bread hot from the oven. Please enjoy product of Cascade that handmade heart was jam-packed.
No. 70 cafe Murayama・Osu Uiro
Cafe acceptable in the wide generation when coffee fits sweetness of the sum. As for the nice service that it matches the Osu Uiro direct management, and Uiro follows with teacake to Matcha. "Sweets set" that white ball zenzai, mitsumame, four kinds of sweetness including ice cream became same is popular.
No. 77 Hitsumabushi Inou
We provide Hitsumabushi at value price. It is stocking reteirukarakosono price in raw eel which is fresher than market every day. You are fragrant, and please appreciate eel which you baked with sauce which you added since its formation. Please enjoy "Hitsumabushi" by how to eat of first cup, second cup, third cup and three ways.
No. 78 miso and Futaba
Japanese dishes restaurant that miso katsu, fried prawn and fried food of specialty of Nagoya are substantial. We remove muscle of pork, and preliminary arrangements to swat with kitchen knife, and to soften fleshy substance change the finish of cutlet. We walk, but body improves taste with original miso sause which is not lengthy.
No. 79 okonomiyaki Tampopo
Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba of volume perfect score that taste of seafood and meat was jam-packed tightly are tastes for all age, sex. We lay in stock of handicraft, green onion of negi-yaki directly in market, and noodles do special order, sauce in factory and are taste that thought that was particular about material reaches.
Store specializing in No. 80 tantanmen Xiang Chi Dan Dan Mian
Tantanmen of Goko spicy oil homemade with soup which we had from part called maple of fresh chicken with full of collagen to base and taste that is heavy with sesame sause. Roast black sesame tantanmen of ESCA shop-limited is flavor not to be able to taste in others. Genuine almond jelly using jin removed from seeds of apricot is delicious!
It is cafe meal
Deep-fried ancestor wing
Tuna dishes
Magurogoya Honten
Japanese dishes Yoshikawa
Seafood sweet sake pickling vegetables or fish in sake lees
Chinese kitchen Sugakiya
Deep-fried skewers Chingushi
nagoyamen toko
Kishimen Yoshida
Miso stew udon
Yamamotoya Honten
Steak and roast curry
Specialty of Shinnagoya
EBI DOTE Shokudo
Curry udon
Person of young killer whale
Store specializing in pure line Nagoya cochins
Miso and Misokatsu Yabaton
Cafe Rich
Miami patio
Restaurant Chusuke
Nagoya Bincho charcoal
Restaurant Yufuku
Komeda's Coffee
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Melonpan ice
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Kishimen Tei
Ankake spa
Ma Maison
Sushi Hamazushi
Nagoya cochin chosusumisho
Bakery cafe
Cafe irregularity mountain
Osu Uiro
Hitsumabushi Inou
Miso and Futaba
Store specializing in tantanmen
Xiang Chi Dan Dan Mian