Shop where casual item of street origin and feminine romantic item are substantial. We can enjoy style that is kanshin mixture. Including consultation of coordinates please call out to the staff casually.
It is base store of VAN brand. "VAN" that anyone longed for. "VAN" that is full of senses of fun of adult. Gentlemen of "YOUNG AT HEART" gather stylish father today towards grandfather i.
No.27The Casual Company KINOENE
Assortment of goods which is genreless with richness from the seasonal wear to accessory, bag is attractive shop now. It keeps a lot of trendy items, too, We can enjoy various fashions casually.
No.28r, p s
We suggest casual style of adult who adopted trend moderately by total. It is worn regardless of age, Reasonable "cute" item is fulfilling! Do you not experience a feeling of wakuwaku to find oneself true?
UNIQLO that black interior that is soot Thailand Risch gets a lot of looks. It is unfolded to seasonal latest Collection by basic item easy to coordinate with other clothes. Design is high and can obtain casual of good quality.
They do the handling of American casual brand of brand bottoms and "AVIREX" such as "LEE" "EDWIN" "WRANGLER" "Schott", and METHOD original products are supported by age group which is wide in shop of rich assortment of goods.
We target wide constituency in concept and develop "high sensitivity, high-quality reasonable price" with 3 brands covering Elegance system from casual. In addition, we have to miscellaneous goods and surroundings accessory product as well as clothes and suggest fashion by total.
No.51Aga JAPAN
Aga JAPAN where lifestyle miscellaneous goods which we had under the theme of the sum from various parts of Japan and original product made in Japan are even on. It is concept store unfolding centering on Aga Black shining in Aga which is usable in daily and the dress scene.
No.52Puff, hosier
Items such as pretty socks, leg warmer, leggings pointing fashion from inner items such as lingerie or pajamas are prepared. We are particular about underwear, and woman degree improves★
Professional tailor measures only in the first time, and please enjoy innovative service that even application can order freely based on the first personal data after the second place. Order suit of men's women is possibility made by in a minimum period of two weeks.
No.73Noko Ohno / Be mode
Around total brand "nokoono of pleats with sensitive, various expression," it is usually select shop which had TV mail order product of talent produce that we cannot purchase at store.
en face
The Casual Company
r, p s
Noko Ohno /
Be mode