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  1. We and partner company shall not take responsibility for all about the damage of various services of our site and offer, delay, change, interruption, cancellation, stop of various information or the abolition, customer who occurred in conjunction with other book sites or third party. We hope that you go in your responsibility after having obeyed statutory duty on receiving offer of reading and service of information.
  2. We customer of our site manage severely, and, about input, personal information that transmitted, pay attention to confidentiality enough on using, but cannot guarantee prevention such as leak, disappearance of information, manipulation by others.
  3. We and partner company do not perform information and service to offer in this site and any guarantee of not infecting safety, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, currentness, lawful act, morality, computer virus about information that customer gets through E-mails which our site and we and partner company sent.
  4. We are not concerned about information, service included in each site linked to from our site at all and shall not take all responsibility.
Privacy Policy

ESCA uses only for elected candidate announcement of this plan about personal information that we had in the case of application.

In addition, we may use attributes of user for various statistics document making after having processed not to be able to identify individual.
We disclose and may not offer personal information to third party except duties trust point without agreement. In addition, we cancel personal information that had you apply as secret documents after lottery immediately.

Inquiry is call: To 052-452-1181 ESCA.