Information for ESCA parking lot

Information for ESCA parking lot

Comfortable access that was connected directly with Shinkansen Exit of Nagoya Station
  • Plane parking lot which the first person can use in peace
  • We are connected directly without getting wet in the rain to Nagoya Station Shinkansen Exit [approximately 3 minutes on foot]
  • Convenient for shopping of the station east in the station yard and underground passage [approximately 7 minutes on foot]

Facility summary: ESCA B2 floor accommodation number /295 stand

Vehicle limit: 2.0m in height 2.0m in width 6.0m in length 2.0t in weight 

Reference TEL 052-452-1185 about ESCA parking lot

Business hours

From 6:00 to 24:00 (year round)

※It cannot stock and forward during ... 6:00, the following day at 24:00.

Parking rate

We break off 6,400 yen together with 320 yen 24 hours together with 30 minutes

Information for parking service

For the use that is more than 3,000 yen together with each ESCA store,
We present parking service ticket for one hour.

※There is some exclusion shop. (cigarette, book, cash vouchers, exhibition space)
Information for partner parking service

Payment method of rate

It becomes payment with prior payment machine of each stair.
Please go out with stationed-in-bike-race ticket.

※ Payment is available by cash, credit card, either choice of pro-traffic electronic money. In addition, we offer advantageous prepaid card.
※ginren card is not available.

Information for advantageous prepaid card

Three kinds of release cards
3,000 yen ticket (for 3,410 yen) /5, 000 yen ticket (for 5,890 yen) /
10,000 yen ticket (for 11,780 yen)

※Please buy with vending machine in parking lot. We buy on expiration date of prepaid card, and it is two years according to mention in face of a bill of request.

Setting place of hall guide map vending machine clicks this

Information for periodical stationed-in-bike-race ticket sale

Is good in work and private in around Nagoya Station; for customer of the use,
We sell a lot of, periodical stationed-in-bike-race ticket.

<) including classification of periodical stationed-in-bike-race ticket and monthly rate (consumption tax>
All day Full time on all days 54,000 yen
Weekday Full time on day except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 21,600 yen
By night 17:00 - next morning 10:00 on all days 10,800 yen
Two of them Full time on all days 12,900 yen

※Payment can use credit card
※Inquiry of the details about periodical stationed-in-bike-race ticket
 ESCA parking lot TEL: 052-452-1185

The electric car charge stands

Two one rapid (CHAdeMO) normal 200V
Charge service is available by price plan that NCS combination company charge service in Japan provides.
The following logo mark is available by displayed member card. In addition, it is available by use of visitor whom NCS provides (the credit settlement) when you do not have member card.

NCS Japan charge service

◆Setting place B roadway - B19 compartment (we click this)

Accommodation parking ticket
Period commuter pass

Information for suspension with payment machine of some services ticket
Minami-iru Exit


Prior payment machine

Prior payment machine