Power of absorption ESCA
News Release
SKE48 X ESCA47th
ESCA performs SKE48 and collaboration this year.
Furthermore, we send collaboration plan that we powered up.
You ask ESCA of the 47th anniversary, and please expect!



Miso meal

Slight intoxication

Shop news
2018/05/01 update
Shop sale & privilege information of May
2018/03/20 update
YAMASA Chikuwa
It is reopened on Tuesday, March 20!
2018/03/07 update
Plesic (chic pull)
We open on Wednesday, March 21!
2018/03/03 update
atelier haruka PLUS EYELASH
We open on Saturday, March 3!
2018/03/01 update
Sale such as picture, miscellaneous goods by BEAM CHARA
2018/01/20 update
Sale such as miscellaneous goods, accessories by mi-yuu
Today's event
Sale of sweets


2015/04/26 update
Free public wireless LAN (Free Wi-Fi) is available in passage of ESCA

2011/04/01 update
Mile of ANA is double when we use Edy in ESCA!


2018/01/01 update
ESCA parking lot
Kitade door was closed from Tuesday, October 10. The station side, please contain than [the Tsubaki-cho north] signal to entrance.

2016/01/06 update
ESCA parking lot
Advantageous booking service ticket "accommodation parking ticket" and "period commuter pass" are available

2015/11/01 update
ESCA parking lot
We came to be able to use manaca

2015/04/06 update
ESCA parking lot
The electric car charge stands were established

Nagoya meal

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