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Wonder ESCA!
[5/1 update] The second SHOWROOM improved



Miso meal

Slight intoxication

Shop news
2017/12/01 update
Nail factory
We extend for 30 minutes at time to do business for from Monday, December 11 to Friday, January 5 (only on weekdays)
2017/12/01 update
Shop sale & privilege information of December
2017/09/28 update
Miami garden
We renew on Sunday, October 1!
2017/09/22 update
It is reopened on Friday, October 13!
2017/09/15 update
We open on Friday, September 15!
2016/11/16 update
Sale such as picture, creator miscellaneous goods by BEAM CHARA
Today's event
ESCA Christmas lottery


2015/04/26 update
Free public wireless LAN (Free Wi-Fi) is available in passage of ESCA

2011/04/01 update
Mile of ANA is double when we use Edy in ESCA!


2017/09/05 update
ESCA parking lot
Kitade door is closed from Tuesday, October 10. ※Parking lot is open as before. Please use Minamide door.

2016/01/06 update
ESCA parking lot
Advantageous booking service ticket "accommodation parking ticket" and "period commuter pass" are available

2015/11/01 update
ESCA parking lot
We came to be able to use manaca

2015/04/06 update
ESCA parking lot
The electric car charge stands were established

Nagoya meal

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