Company Overview
Company name ESCA
The location 7-1, Tsubakicho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi over 21 birr 9F
Representative director Mikiyasu Hiroi
Phone number 052-452-1181 (main)
Establishment September 15, 1964
The opening of business December 1, 1971
Business outline Management of lease / parking lot of underground shopping center store
Capital 480 million yen
Accounting period March
Main stockholders Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd. / Chukyo TV / tea Fass / Toei /
Otake mill / Mitsubishi UFJ Bank / Central Japan Railway Co.,Ltd. /
Hamaotome / completion / Nagoya-shi / Tobishima Corporation

Global warming measures plan (PDF) ・Global warming measures conduct situation book (PDF)

Underground shopping center disaster prevention promotion plan (PDF)
Store summary
The underground shopping center location 6-9, Tsubakicho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi point
Classification according to type of industry
(as of H29 three a year month)
Type of industry The number of the stores Area
Surroundings Six stores 443.52m2
Fashion 11 stores 1272.48m2
Culture miscellaneous goods, service 13 stores 719.43m2
Souvenir Ten stores 432.89m2
Eating and drinking 33 stores 2665.47m2
Others Ten stores 531.91m2
The total 83 stores 6015.70m2

Building summary
Steel reinforced concrete The second floor under the ground  
Area Store (the first floor under the ground)  6,092.9m2
Passage (we include stairs) 7,347.1m2
Parking lot (the second floor under the ground) 9,852.2m2
In addition, (machine rooms) 5,887.4m2
The total 29,179.6m2
  • About the use of event space (center plaza)
  • Inquiry about article information
      E-mail:information@esca-sc .com
      TEL: 052-452-7721 (ESCA sales department) from 9:30 to 17:30
  • Inquiries such as lost articles
      TEL: 052-452-1186 (ESCA disaster prevention center)